Village District Meeting Minutes

November 25th WEVD Meeting Minutes- DRAFT ONLY

November 21st WEA /WEVD Joint Meeting Minutes- DRAFT ONLY

October 26th Approved WEVD Meeting Minutes

September 21st WEVD Meeting Minutes

September 14th WEVD Special Meeting Minutes

August 24th WEVD Meeting Minutes

July 20th WEVD Approved Meeting Minutes

July 18th WEVD and WEA Approved Joint Meeting Minutes

June 29th WEVD Approved Meeting Minutes

June 29th WEVD Meeting Minutes (DRAFT ONLY-to be approved at next meeting)

March 18th WEVD Meeting Minutes

February 21st WEVD Meeting Minutes

January 26th WEVD Meeting Minutes

November 19th WEA WEVD Joint Meeting Minutes

November 16th WEVD Weeping Birches Special Meeting

October WEVD Meeting Minutes

September WEVD Meeting Minutes

2015 WEVD Financial Statement

August 10th WEVD Meeting Minutes

June 30th WEVD Meeting Minutes

June 2nd WEVD Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2016 Annual Meeting Min.


Feb-23rd-Village-District-Meeting-Minutes (2)

January-6th-2016 (2)

Jan. 21, 2015

Jan 21 WEVD Presentation

2015 pool report on 2013-2014 outdoor pool expansion work (3) (2)

February 13, 2015 WEVD Minutes

Feb 13 2015 WEVD Presentation

March 25 2015 Power Point

2015 March 25 WEVD Minutes

2015 April 18 WEVD Mins

WEVD Annual Meeting Power Point April 17 2015

WEVD June 23, 2015 Handout

WEVD June Meeting Minutes

Waterville Estates Village District Commission Sep 2015 Mins

May 13 2015 Handout

WEVD Dec 9, 2015 Minutes

WVD Dec 5, 2015 Minutes


18 WEVD Annual Meeting Power Point

July Meeting Minutes

WEVD Oct 2015 Minutes

2014 District Meeting Minutes

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District 2013 Meeting Minutes

2013 Financial Statement

WEVD 2012 Financial Statement

WEVD 2011 Financial Statement

WEVD 2010 Financial Statement